So, our goal is to pay better attention, right? But in such a complex world, the number of things vying for our attention is overwhelming. How can we focus on just one?

Here’s the method that works for me: start with the concrete, and work my way up to the abstract. That’s the system I’ll follow in this blog. Topics will be divided into classes and sub-classes, with Class 1 examining elemental aspects of existence, such as breath and water. Classes 2 and beyond will build on those elements, bringing in progressively higher functions of life.

Beginning in January 2020, I will endeavor to write one article biweekly. They’ll typically be posted on a Tuesday or Wednesday. If ever I’m not posting regularly, it may be that I’ve temporarily lost focus on my goals. Since the aim of this site is to provide support at such moments, don’t hesitate to comment, email, or Tweet to me, and help me get back on track!

I also welcome feedback on what subjects you’d like to read about. Anything related to health and wellness has a potential home here.

Thank you for reading my content! I hope it opens your eyes to new ideas, and that you can make those ideas your own.